Hotel Aldeia da Praia - Ilhéus, Bahia, 45655-000, Brazil

Booking Policy

  • Breakfast: included in the daily rate, served in the hotel restaurant from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 am;
  • daily complimentary for children 01 to 10 years, accommodated with parents;
  • Payment: 50% advance (in bank deposit or credit card) and the rest at check in;
  • We accept VISA, MASTER, ELOS, DINERS, HYPER, AMEX, We parcel up to 06 times without interest;
  • Cancellations / booking changes: 48 hours before check in in low season (01/02 to 27/12 - except Carnival and holidays). 07 days before check in in high season (28/12 to 31/01). 15 days before check in on long holidays (New Year, Carnival and holidays).
  • Our restaurant is open from 06h30 to 22h00;
  • convenience store in the area next to the reception (working 24h);
  • We 4 km from the airport, 7 km from the center and 100m from the beach;
  • The hotel has parking and own generator;
  • Easy access to taxi and car rentals.
  • Wi fi available in several areas of the hotel;


The provision of this service is subject to minimum sale of two daily.

  • Night Service Inclusive

The night including Beach Village provides guests traveling family a great value for money and greater programming your spending, ensuring the food service and alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic at ease and excellent quality, from 18h00 to and 22h00 in our bar, restaurant and pizzeria.

  • Gastronomy Night Inclusive

- Opening hours: snacks, pizzas and sandwiches - 18h00 to 22h00. Dinner - 19:00 to 22:00.
- Drinks available for consumption Night Inclusive: Chopp, Soda (post mix or pet), juice (pulp), Mineral Water, Caipirinha, Caipiroska, Caipiríssima, Campari, Cuba Libre, Hi-fi, Piña Colada, Fruit Cocktail (with and no alcohol).

  • Policy for Children Night Inclusive

- Two children up to 08 years in the same room of the parents: Free. the presentation is necessary the supporting document at the time of check in. In the absence of such proof, the standard rate will be charged.
- You will be charged 100% of the Night rate even for children from 09 years.

  • Service Description and Night Inclusive Policies

- Consumption snacks, pizzas, sandwiches and dinner: Solicited by menu or through self-service buffet, depending on the occupation of the Night Even at the time of lodging. In both cases the drinks should be requested directly at the hotel bar.
- The Night inclusive service does not include dishes with shrimp and moqueca.
- Guest Night Inclusive to share drinks and food or with guests who are not in the same pension scheme (Night inclusive), will suffer a fee of R $ 100.00 per person with whom they are shared.
- The store service is not included in the Night Inclusive
- Will not be allowed in the outbuildings of the hotel, bags and coolers, polystyrene and bags in general.
- The products included in the Night Inclusive should be consumed in the areas defined by the hotel, getting banned, so they are taken out of the hotel, apartment or any other environment. The guest who insists on transporting them a fee will be charged according to the amount and type (s) of product (s) in question.
- If consumer waste observed by the client, the hotel reserves the right to charge for damage suffered.
- Are required to wear the ID bracelet provided by the hotel, which co identify the type of service purchased.
- The guest who refuses to wear the bracelet as identification of service to which he is entitled, may have released their consumption account for later payment.
- If the guest Night even want to invite someone who is not staying to spend the day in the hotel, your company will be charged a consumption rate of $ 100.00 per person. This amount must be paid at time of entry of the guest in the hotel's facilities, noting that the Night Inclusive only works from 18h00 to 22h00.
-Will Booked at the hotel restaurant one spot for those in the Night Inclusive system when the service is offered buffet, which will not be allowed access guest of the common system.

In the case of packages, it will not accept withdrawal at the beginning or middle of the stay. In such cases, the total payment of the pre-set 100% is retained. Renouncing any unforeseen quoted by Guest important as it is.


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